I wish I had searched for complaints prior to doing business with ON The Road Again Inc. It is true that the Owner is a very greedy, and arrogant, and definitely an uncaring person who is only out for the dollar.

When I first bought my vehicle, I took it to get an oil change, only to find out that Brandon had his mechanic stick a phony oil plug in the vehicle to save himself some money. He also did not disclose that the car had engine damage, and that the engine would need to be replaced soon.

I have had to put nearly a thousand dollars into the car to repair it, after only having the car for 6 months. And talk about interest rates, my interest rate is over 27%, what a rip off!

After dealing with the costly repairs to the car to keep it drivable, I of course fell behind in the car payments. Even after calling for help, Brandon made a phony payment arrangement, let me make a payment on the car and still repossessed the car four days later. When I came into his office to talk with him, he shouted at both me and my husband, in front of my kids, and told me there was nothing for us to talk about. He even had the nerve to blame the prior letter on a competitor.

P-leeaassee! That treatment the other customer received falls right in line with the treatment I received!

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Kingston, Georgia, United States #807899

These people are liars and the cars are lemons! Be very careful when purchasing a vehicle from this company.

The mechanics and the owner will lie until the end. Complaining to the BBB is a waste of time and energy because they side with the company! They use shade tree mechanics to cover pre-existing repairs!

I am the new owner of a LEMON! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please call me for the truth and for testimony from the thousands of satisfied customer! We have been in business since 2000.

We are not perfect, and I can give you numerous instances where our company has gone above and beyond to help our customers.

In fact, most of our business is repeat and/or referral business. Please call me to discuss with me personally.

Brandon Baldwin, President

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